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October 2015

Welcome to our first insights email – In Focus. Feast your eyes on advice and inspiration to give you clarity and help you work better and achieve more.


Engineer is in the career fast lane after helping build a racing car

One rising star in engineering turned a project team into an efficient designing and manufacturing operation to build a speed machine for international competitions. He did that with MindGenius. And, as an added bonus, his career accelerated, landing him a position with one of the most iconic car companies in the world.


What project managers can learn from NASA about communication

Whether you’re stuck on Mars or encountering project problems a little closer to home, it’s good to talk to the people who can help. A project management veteran at one of the world’s biggest space agency shares his wisdom about this very issue.


How to create a clear and powerful statement to keep projects on course

Without the lighthouse who knows how many more ships would crash into rocks and sink. It’s the same with planning projects (metaphorically speaking). You need a guiding light, or project vision statement, to keep everything on course.

Train image


Oops. Epic project fail

“France’s national train operator SNCF spent €15 billion to modernise the country’s regional express trains. It turned out that the trains were too wide for some 1,300 platforms.”
That’s the reason you need to make sure you don’t miss any details when planning projects. Find out more by reading our ebook Mission Controlled: the 5-step Guide to Planning Projects.


Get better focus in meetings (and better results)

What would project planning be without meetings? Well, you can make them work even better for you (and perhaps make them even shorter) with MindGenius.

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